IP Rights Investigators & Investigation Services in New Zealand

Today, one of the biggest fears coming before larger companies is to protect their brands, maintain company reputations and integrity of brands from the overwhelming risks of higher level of counterfeiting. Even after taking the careful and vigilant work, brand owners are not able to ensure the safety of their brands in Prime market. Today, IP right owners are finding them totally blank, as they are not finding any positive solution of potential problems.

We are coming across many investigative requirements of this nature from various brand owners located in New Zealand. As per them, their brands are vastly challenged by other imitated product or service of feeble quality and sold in the reputed markets without their approval internationally. The excellent team of our quality IP investigators is having a niche to protect such brands by giving a peace of mind to them through a dedicated work, which consists of ample of survey and visits to find the location of such sources existing in the market. If it’s so, then we are readily available to take the harsher steps with a prior concurrence of our client.

Being in the industry for many years, we have learned all the tact’s and tricks to overpower such sources and put a pressure to remove their fake and unreliable products from the markets. Under this process, we are calling our clients to use the eminent practices of IP investigations for an effective action, as our processes are multifaceted means to have quality Market Surveys, Internal Market Information and Supply Chain Identifications etc.

We are having a note of major sufferings and losses handled by brands due to excessive counterfeiting of goods. Usually such producers come with a knack to bring less cost items to create a pressure on the original brands. But, our IP investigations are going at par to reduce such pressures by investigating all infringed goods and counteracting the menace of illegal practices. This is basically done by providing the galvanized process of IP investigations, which are described below:

Counterfeit Investigations: The prime purpose of this investigative activity is to nab all those offenders, who are found indulging in the manufacturing/selling process of infringement. We are having the prudence to detect such chains which are working differently to trade these goods in the market. We are righteously going in accessing such sources to get all clues and links of those, who are boosting such supplies. Our work includes perfect screening of all practices made by concerned manufactures, dealers/distributors, wholesalers and retailers. The use of our service is the final call of our investigations, which we usually conduct by accompanying with a local representative of law enforcing agency working in that commune.

Trademark Infringement Investigations: Trademark investigations are our harsher stands to restrict all those infringers who offer a threat to the well-secured trademark and logos of a brand. These infringers utilize the situation to get the gain by confusing a consumer through their products or services tagged with fake logos or trademarks. Such illegal practices are causing huge financial loss to the brands. Moreover, these crooks usually evade the service taxes and larger part of these taxes robbed by black market industry. With our experience and skills, we have handled many infringement cases for clients working in footwear, pharmaceuticals, clothing, sports, automobiles and cosmetics industries.

Market Surveys/Grey Market Investigations: We are having a solid team of great professionals who are highly skillful in conducting all types of Market Survey and Grey Markey Investigation. In many cases, our timely and effective advices have averted potential damages to reputed brands. Today, our team can securitize entire wholesale markets in order to verify the presence of counterfeit goods. Even, we are helping to provide the information on how your brand is becoming a common commodity of grey market.

In the present time, extensive market survey can only define the extent of counterfeiting. The information collected through market survey is highly useful in accessing the counterfeit sources.

In addition to above services which have been described in detail, we provide following services also:

  • Parallel Trade Investigations
  • IP Due Diligence
  • IP Litigation Support Services
  • Geographical Indication investigation
  • Customs Protection
  • Trademark Name Purchases
  • IP Sample/Test Purchases
  • Service of Cease & Desist Notice

We are readily available at your services to protect your brand from unknown dangers. If you have any need to contact us then, you are most welcome to contact us at info@nz-pi.com.