Corporate Investigators & Investigation Services in New Zealand

We had known the entire nuts and bolts of investigations and learned a lot to create the self styled state-of-art methodology and techniques to sniff all odds, which may sprout through potential risks in corporate sector. Our team of corporate investigators is instilled with ample of skills to make the corporate world to realize about our supremacy and consistency.

As said above, we have achieved a remarkable standard and eminent pattern of dealing with prominent clients, and go in a manner to offer the best possible support irrespective of any choice. This distinguished quality enabled us to get the firm grounds in the investigation industry of New Zealand. Before 25 years, we entered in the industry with a hope to attain a respectable position in the industry for making a mark through our eminent corporate investigation services. From that point of time, we never looked back to get the mastery to tantalize our rivals and generously help the people through quality investigations.

Today, our investigators are used as an enthralled source to curb all types of corporate crimes and other fraudulent practices tried by own employees’ or other hired sources. This is a very fact that we don’t leave any stone unturned in obtaining the results, also we always keep your interests above everything. Because, being in the service industry, we are passionate to keep our clients’ on the top of our priority list and your interest is supreme to us.

We are providing some of our valuable services which are stated below:

Company Due Diligence: This is one of our futuristic activities highly used by the clients to obtain the complete corporate profiling and entire records of a competitor. Here, we supply the prime aspects and valuable information through an extensive report, which contains the registration, credibility, court filings, links and reputation analysis of the company, complied by media reports & other channels. Our investigative summary will highlight the complete picture of prospective partners and competitors. It would allow you to make an idea for taking a decision to have a venture or coalition. The overview of our detailed Company Due Diligence sample report is presented in the Sample Report.

Asset Tracing: Today, living in the corporate world, would allow you to meet with such people who can transform their appearance and identity to extort and grab your assets and properties illegally. This is one such probability to trace those who can give the illegal proprietary of your assets. In many other cases, people like to find the financial capabilities of existing partners to have a prospective business deal. Such desires are forcing the people to use our specialized section of asset tracing for having a protection and faster tracing of assets.

Company Background Screening: The use of company background screening in the corporate world has given an advantage to the firms to get the information on the size, structure and function of a rival firm. We are well aware of intensive use of such intelligence to rule the corporate world. Due to this reason, we have tried to put all elements in our reports to smoothen the works. Our report will deliver the size, formation, business details (services or products), reputation and history of any target firm.

In addition to the above mentioned services, we do have expertise in other services stated below:

  • Corporate Record Research
  • Competitive Intelligence & Market Analysis
  • Tracing of Missing Company
  • Surveillance Services
  • Corporate Theft Investigation
  • Fraud Investigation
  • Undercover Operations
  • Corporate Background Checks
  • Services for Corporate Lawyers
  • Risk & Fraud Consulting

We are readily available at your services to give you the best of the industry. All we need to have is a chance to serve you as per your desire. If you have any need to contact us then, you are most welcome to contact us at