Claim Investigators & Insurance Investigation Services in New Zealand

We are having an endeavor to eliminate those causes, which are responsible for bringing huge financial losses to the insurance industry. By working in the industry, there is no cause as such, which is hidden from us. Today, we have got effective sensing skills to read the present psychology and behavior pattern of various types of people. In addition to that, we have been dealing with such people, who are having the tendency to bend down for smaller financial profits and gain, immaterial whether it is achieved unlawfully.

This is a fact that today, insurance is one such service sector, providing ample of opportunities for people to have fake causes and low profile means to get the illegal financial gains. As a result, a large number of staged deaths, fake or manipulated thefts, robberies and other concocted instances have allowed the people to draw monetary compensations for unreal losses, which genuinely not exist. This is a complex issue to get the roots of such cons usually taken up by many tactful people and masterminds, who uses the situations to reproduce fake instance, which appears to be real.

This is fact that firms working in the insurance sector are not having quality resources and ways to verify the documents. By virtue of working with many life insurance, claims, health, automobile, medical and insurance service providers, we have realized their difficulties and financial losses. Inspired by their requirements, we tried to utilize our entire resources to create highly influential modus operandi to act upon on those people, who are coming as a big threat to these firms.

We, as expert insurance investigators from automobiles, medical and pharmaceutical sectors, are having an expertise to quickly identify all fraudster by their gestures, persona and other abnormal behaviors. Our investigations involve a wide range of surveillances, interrogations and site reviews. We go through the entire credits records and the history of the concerned people to bring out the truth before the clients.

Case analysis and plotting of investigations: In this section, we are defining our strategy to plot an investigation as observing the sites and allocating sufficient time to meet the given deadlines. Apart from that we are investigating the cause by visiting the incident/ accident sites, records check, neighborhood/ witness interviews and repeated site visits where the incident occurred, till we find sufficient cause to prove the case and to satisfy the client.

Obtaining Witness testimony: This is the core activity mainly taken up by our investigative team. Here we are finding all witnesses by their locations and address details and interrogating them for finding the reality behind the matter. This is coming as a big challenge before us to divulge the truth from involved persons, as they may tell concocted tales but not the fact. That why, we try to be rough and harsh by showing different kinds of fears to get truth. Before taking this stand, we establish a rapport with the client to obtain his/her approval to continue the process to get the correct narration at all costs.

Field investigation: Our field investigations are supported by site reviews. It includes the information of that place where the insured was lastly viewed, as these locations are more significant in respect to get the exact cause. Our procedures involve repeated motoring of incident site, residence and neighborhood check, hospital/site visit, cremation ground visits and any other related places of prime importance.

Records Check: This highlights the prominent part of our investigative service. Here, our claim investigators usually go for verifying all important documents concerning to municipality, cemetery and hospital to get the credibility of entire phenomenon and papers.

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