Background Screening & Verfication Services in New Zealand

It is our prime interest to supply the authentic information by keeping a focus on the correctness of the every bit of records, data’s, certificates or licenses. Because, we are well inspired by the agonies and pains of majority of individuals and employers, which are repeatedly getting assaulted on their reputation and social image due to high level of felonies in credentials, records and testimonies of document in various parts of New Zealand.

Today, majority of employers are complaining of growing identity and academic frauds at different levels in business affairs. On the other hand, societies are getting suffered due uncontrolled rise of anti-social elements, who are keeping their dual identity to commit a crime. Nowadays, recruitment/ hiring is treated as a crucial activity taken by a firm, since there are more chances of getting a felony in respect of identity, education and pre/post employment information. The realm of felonies has gone so big that people of tact’s and tricks are using sophisticated techniques to defraud the people.

Therefore, it is badly needed to certify/verify entire testimonials to obtain the correct and comprehensive background information of any individual before allotting him a post/position. Also, it is needed to ensure the credibility of a firm before coming to a partnership deal or venture to have better investment. By using these methods, you can averse a situation which may come to you due to your negligence.

Today verification has come up as the present need of the companies to secure the premises and overall installations from bigger menaces. You can definitely avert a situation simply by giving a glance to know, how you can protect your organization. We have simplified our procedures to use the finest pack of most influential background verification services.

Genuinely, this is a pack of highly constructive processes, which are mainly used to verify the background of potential people and to screen out all those firms, who are giving fake claims of bankruptcy for avoiding their past/future responsibilities and liabilities. Nowadays, this kind of situation is quite common in business. Due to this reason, our services are coming as the ultimate business solution for such needs.

By acting upon a variety of demands of people, we have come up with great background verification services described below, which can be taken into great use for verifying the entire information, overall character and personality of a person. Some of the most exclusive procedures of our background verification services are reflected below:

1.Personal Information Check: As the cons due to fake identities are on the rise. Therefore our check is coming as the major urgencies to all types of organizations to protect from different misdemeanors. Being as a prominent check service provider, we are working upon major components to provide authentic information for proving the identity of any potential person. In this check, we are providing the facility to verify the overall identity, reference and address details of any person. This is the best place to obtain an identity check, reference check or an address check to get the overall personality of any person.

2. Education Check: Education check provides the facility to verify the academic records and truth of all education certificates and documents. Apart from that, it helps you to verify the degree, diplomas and other higher qualifications to reconcile with respective records. License verification is coming as a finest advantage of this check, which is specially used to authenticate all types of licenses of all firms and people.

3. Pre/Post Employment Check: This check is well designed to verify the past or present employment records of different types of people. If any, doubt arise in the employment records, past experience and emoluments reflected by a person in his CV then by using our check, you can expose any felony, attempted by a person to get a post/position in a company.

In addition to the above mentioned services, we do have expertise in other services stated below:

  • Financial background Check
  • Neighborhood Check
  • Credential Check
  • Bankruptcy Check
  • Criminal records Check
  • Document verification
  • Professional Membership Verification

We are readily available at your services to give you the best results. All we need to have is a chance to serve you as per your desire. If you have any need to contact us then, you are most welcome to contact us at